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Classy. Calm. Convincing. 
A Modern Voice Cuts Through The Future.


My Voices

Happy Clients

❝ I am touched by her dedication to seeing this through for me. Really very, very grateful. ❞
❝ I so appreciate the care you have taken with our project. Hopefully we can work together again. ❞
❝Thanks a lot for your hard work - the client is very happy with the film. ❞
(Tepco Town Planning)
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Elan's Deepest Passion

My goal is to bring your creative vision to life, make your story shine, enhance your brand value.  I believe the best stories deserve to be felt, not only heard. No matter what, my voice is always delivered with heart and soul-you can trust that I will make your business sound Vibrant and Lively!

National Registered Dietitian

Expert in nutrition, health, beauty, and medical care, so I would be the perfect person to help plan the voices of those industries, and most importantly, I would be a reassuring presence.

Jazz Singer
Exotic singing Voiceover

I believe the voice is a powerful instrument. Singing voices are prevalent in commercials. Expressive songs can sway the emotions of the audience. Singing projects, as well as sound logos, are all welcome.!!!

Image by Bill Oxford

Two languages would be powerful tool to reach a broad audience on a multinational level. Do you need the same talent to read your script in different tongues? I deliver voiceover in English with a Japanese accent.

Specialties Services

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About Elan

Hi there! I'm Elan, an Award-Winning Japanese Voiceover Artist living in Tokyo, Japan. I took various professional training courses to push my abilities to the limit and improve my expertise and confidence as a voiceover artist.


Before becoming a voiceover artist, at NHK, a Japanese TV station, I worked as a National registered dietitian, and at a Health food company, performing in trade shows across the country and overseas, and worked in public relations, and as the head of sales and marketing for the cosmetics division. 


My conversational and emotional voice adds that human touch, that your audience will relate to. Also, it has been described as warm, and approachable, yet strong and graceful. It will suit a wide range of creative content and will cut through to your audience, even trendy millennials and Gen Z, no matter the medium, from Commercials, Dubbing, and Movie Trailers, Documentaries, Podcasts, Characters to Corporate, E-learning, on-hold messages, etc.


Home Studio Specs

My broadcast quality bespoke-built studio where it all happens!


・LEWITT LCT440 pure 


・Focusrite Scarlet 2i2

・ZOOM H4n Pro

・RX9 Standard, Ozone 9

・Sound Engine

​・Studio One

・Windows 10

Live Directed Sessions are available using: Source Connect Now; Skype; Zoom; Other connection options upon request.



・DAIKEN acoustic wall panels, doors, ceilings, and floors constructed.

Private, double-walled room construction; SONEX / VLW35 sound absorbing material.

Connect with Elan
Bring me the details of your next voiceover projects. Across the globe with my voice, I revitalize your brand.

Tokyo, Japan  

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